Robotic Fabrication: Ceramic Wall

// nfo

Smart Geometry 2013

ceramics 2.0 cluster

// role

parametric designer


// tech

Rhino, Grasshopper, HAL ABB robot control, ABB IR 140 Robot, ceramic clay 

// description

Smart Geometry is architecture's leading conference and workshop for design computation.  Leaders of the industry convene to experiment with new tools, technologies, and methodologies.  I participated in the ceramics 2.0 cluster, which focused on robotic fabrication of ceramic as a cutting-edge production process for architectural materials.


Our proposal revolved around the idea that ceramic is a thermal mass capable of retaining heat and coolth at varibale dissipation rates according to surface area and thickness. Using FLIR heat imaging cameras to map occupant space use patterns, we map variable thicknesses and fillet patterns to the wall to provide optimized radiant heat dissipation.