@ Glass Pavilion, SANAA

@ Glass Pavilion, SANAA

Perpetual motion.

It is difficult to describe what I am.  I am an architect, a designer, an entrepreneur, a product guy, a curator, a writer, an editor, a father, a human being.  I don't accept "I don't know how to do that" as an answer.  I watch, I read, I learn, and I create.  I recognize my weaknesses and let others play to their strengths. 


When I was 10, I traveled to Japan by myself for a 6-week cultural immersion.  On the way from the airport to the school I would be attending, I learned a short speech in Japanese to introduce myself. The words are lost, but the memory remains: reciting that speech on the stage of the school's courtyard, looking out over 1200 regimented, uniformed students sitting quietly in neatly formed rows.  It was a surreal, transformative moment in a trip that changed the way I looked at things. 


My career path has been non-traditional, and constantly driven by the work that I choose to pursue in my "free time."  When I was a book editor, I started making films.  I became a film curator and began devouring architecture films.  In architecture, I found visual programming.  Through successes in visual programming, I developed an appreciation for strategic thinking, leadership, and entrepreneurship.  And through the tech world, I discovered programming and product development.  Every step of the way, I've built upon my life experiences, never discarding them.  


I'm interested in process but not in being a slave to it.  I'm not interested in neatly defined roles.  I'm interested in solving problems, creating something of value, working with talented, emotionally intelligent people, and developing an environment to do really great, meaningful work.


M.Arch, 2008, Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

BA English Literature, 1998, Washington University, St. Louis, MO 



HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, Ionic 1/2/3, Parse/Back4App, Python, C#

Rhino, Revit, Maya

Grasshopper, Dynamo, Max/MSP, TouchDesigner

ABB Robotics, Arduino

35mm, 120 medium format, DSLR, super-8 + 16mm photography + filmmaking

Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Avid, After Effects

3DS Max, PFTrack, Matchmover

Nagra + Tascam DA-P1 DAT + multitrack recording (old school)

Cubase + Sound Forge

Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha APX-20



SXSW, "Technology + Buildings: Creating A New Experience", Panel Discussion, 3/21/2018

Metropolis Magazine Forum, "Data and Intuition: How Architects Use Analytics to Make Hospitals Better", 01/23/2017
Autodesk University, "The How and Why of AEC Hackathons", 12/17/2015
SEGD Xlab 2013 (Appearance), "The Future of Experience Design", 9/30/2013


Wall Street Journal, "At Last, a Possible Solution to Office Thermostat Wars", 3/12/2017
Fast Company, "Could Sensor Networks Be the Secret to Less Hellish Offices?", 8/25/2016
Curbed Magazine, "Office 2.0: Big Data is changing the design of our workplaces", 8/11/2016
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Vanity Fair, "Exclusive Preview: Google's New Built-From-Scratch Googleplex", 2/22/2013
Architect Magazine, "Under the Hood", 4/2/2012



Project of the Year, “Computational Products”, NBBJ (2016)

Project of the Year, “Goldilocks Sensor Project”, NBBJ (2016)

Hackathon IV, Winner, Vannevar Technology (2014)

Artist of Change, NBBJ (2013)

Project of the Year, “Daylight Gaming Engine”, NBBJ (2012)

Project of the Year, “Space Planning with Realtime Physics”, NBBJ (2011)

AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal for Academic Achievement, American Institute of Architects (5/2008)

Exit Review Thesis, 2nd Prize, OSU Knowlton School of Architecture (KSA) (5/2008)

Specification Writing Competition, 1st Prize, Construction Specifications Institute, Columbus (4/2008)

ARTA Travel Grant, “Rome: The Ancient City Awakens from Slumber,” KSA (4/2007)

Faculty Prize in Architecture, KSA (6/2006) 

St. Louis Addy, Silver Medal, “This Is Saint Louis,” St. Louis Ad Club (2/2003)

Best PSA Campaign of 2002, “This Is Saint Louis,” Riverfront Times, Best of St. Louis (10/2002)



Snap, Tag, Love. 

Founder (04/2013–present)


Photo/video app and web service.

Key Activities:

Concept design

Product design

Market research

UI/UX prototyping

Mobile development

User testing

Business models

Team building


Tech Stack:

HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Cordova, Angular, Ionic, Parse


Coming out of stealth mode soon.  Fully functional Android app, private Beta release pending.



Founder (09/2013–11/2013)


Started as a first JavaScript project in a company Hackathon, “LeaderPong” was conceived as a web app to track company Ping Pong matches.  For three months it was ground zero for learning web programming, and ultimately evolved into a leaderboard tracking concept for any collegial sport or gaming activity.  The code has been migrated away from JQuery to Angular, uses a Parse back end for storage, and is now hosted on pong.rivals.io.  The product roadmap includes support for groups + administrators and recurring payment mechanisms.

Key Activities:

Concept design

Product design

Web development

Lots of user testing

Tech Stack:

HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Angular, Parse


Fully functional single-organization app, with group support in testing.  Project is on hold while S,T,L is in development.



Founder (11/2012–01/2013)


Inqlist is a web community for identifying the world’s unsolved problems and thereby connecting problems to solutions.  Centers around the concept of an “Inqling”, or a problem statement: “My coffee is always too hot in the beginning and too cold at the end.”  Users rate Inqlings on a two-dimensional scale in a rapid-fire “Hot or Not” environment, and curators provide quality control.  Solutions can be posted to each Inqling and rated as well.  Inqling search incorporates demographic data to identify what unsolved problems matter to different market segments.

Key Activities:

Concept design

Product design

UI Wireframes

UX prototyping

MVP spec


Hackathon demo + alpha demo complete, project put on hold due to other opportunities.



NBBJ – San Francisco, CA

Lead Computational Designer, Product Manager (10/2014–)


I am one of three firm-wide leaders of the firm's global Design Computation Initiative.  We handle goals and objectives, strategy, recruiting, budgets, marketing, and skill development in addition to tool development and project work. Taking cues from the agile software engineering world, I am working actively to bring Product Management thinking to our team in order to achieve scalability for our custom, in-house tools.      


Vannevar Technology/Flux Factory, Inc. – San Francisco, CA

Application Engineer, Associate Product Manager (6/2013–7/2014)


Design, algorithm prototyping, and client services for a technology company in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction space. I acted as a liaison between the engineering team and the client, conducted platform and product design for the company’s flagship product.

Key activities:

Define scope of work for custom architectural/engineering software

Prototype architectural algorithms for marketing + engineering

Conceptual design of the Flux platform

Define the vision and goals for the Flux platform

Prototype UX environments + features

Assist in creation of user testing plans

Assess concepts against vision and goals

Document strengths and weaknesses of concepts

Write specifications for product             


NBBJ – Columbus, OH/Seattle, WA

Junior Architect, Lead Computational Designer (6/2010–5/2013)

I was a computational designer on several large commercial and healthcare projects before becoming the Lead Computational Designer on the Google Headquarters project in Mountain View, CA.  In addition to traditional Junior Architect responsibilities, I led the Design Computation initiative for the firm globally.  This involved parametric modelling and design as well as strategic planning with the managing partnership, allocation of budgeted resources, hiring decisions, education initiatives, and so on.  I won the annual firm-wide Project of the Year award twice for my computational design work, and in 2013 I won the firm’s Artist of Change award.


Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto – Rome, Italy

Junior Architect/3d Specialist (9/2008–7/2009)

I was solely responsible for 3d modelling on a €250m commercial centre in Bratislava, Slovakia.  I worked directly with the structural engineers to refine the model according to material realities and provided geometrically accurate 2d line drawings (sections, elevations, details) to the rest of the team. As a part of the competitions team, I provided support for new projects and used Grasshopper extensively for generating complex design variations very quickly. 


Knowlton School of Architecture, Banvard Gallery – Columbus, OH

Graduate Administrative Associate, Gallery Assistant (9/2005–5/2006)

Director and Curator of Architectural Exhibitions (5/2006–6/2008)

Programming, contract negotiation, hospitality, budgeting, grant writing, graphic design, photography, communications, public relations and marketing, office and staff management, and development of new programs and initiatives.


St. Louis Public Library – St. Louis, MO

Manager of Film Library, Film/Video Collections, and A/V Services (4/2004–6/2005)

Office and staff management, management of the system-wide A/V collections, maintenance of equipment, development of new programs and initiatives, film programming, budgeting, grant writing, live sound, staff training, purchase recommendations, and collection development.


Webster University Film Series – St. Louis, MO

Program Coordinator (8/2002–5/2003)

Acting Director (5/2003–12/2003)

All publicity and marketing; graphic design; website development; public speaking; print trafficking; financial records; grant writing; film programming; and visiting artist hospitality. Research and selection of all films to be exhibited; negotiation of contracts with artists, distributors, and outside labor; development of new programs, initiatives, and funding; and representing the organization at events and film festivals. 



Mosby Publishing – St. Louis, MO

Associate Production Editor (6/1999–6/2000)

Production Editor (6/2000–10/2001)

Project Manager (10/2001–6/2002)



NBBJ  – Columbus, OH, Seattle, WA

Project Ignition (Confidential) – Advanced Grasshopper, NBBJ (2013)

Intro to Rhino, NBBJ (2011-2013)

Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

3rd-year Graduate Studio, “ARCH844: Fabric Fantasies” (Winter 2010)

I was selected as the instructor of record for visiting professor Heather Roberge’s graduate studio, which focuses on the formal potentials of sheet-based logics as opposed to solid-based logics, with an exploration of clothing construction as a starting point for the studio. Because Roberge is sharing her time between the KSA and UCLA, my responsibilities include all course logistics as well as leading extensive group discussion and one-on-one criticism in studio and desk crit environments.

Graduate-Level Seminar, “ARCH700: Decisive Parametrics” (Fall 2009, Winter 2010)

This course teaches parametric modelling with an emphasis on established design methodologies, typological investigation, and a clear decision-making process.  Students learn advanced parametric modelling in Grasshopper, a visual scripting plug-in for Rhino.  They diagram and analyze common typologies to identify opportunities for surgical intervention and reorganization, and then apply advanced modelling techniques to explore new responses to persistent architectural questions.



AFANA/ciné16 – St. Louis, MO

Director, Curator, and Projectionist (9/2002–6/2005)

I was the co-founder, director, and curator of the St. Louis branch of the nonprofit American Film Archive of North America (AFANA), which continues to operate under our successors. The archive's purpose is to collect, preserve, and exhibit rare 16mm films from the archive's collection of over 6,000 titles. These include so-called "mental hygiene" films but the focus of the archive is more toward anthropological, social, literary, and art films. I orchestrated donations, programmed the monthly calendar, hosted events, and projected films at Mad Art Gallery, a top-notch art gallery and event space that seats 200.


"This Is Saint Louis" – Public Service Announcement Media Campaign

Co-Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor (3/2001–9/2002)

Eleven 30-second spots. I wrote the project proposal, shot the project on 16mm film, and edited it on an Avid Composer system. Solely responsible for concept development, scouting locations, sound design, music composition, publicity, and website content. The project won several awards and was exhibited on network and cable television, at the St. Louis International Film Festival ’02, and St. Louis First Night New Year’s Celebration ’04.