// nfo

independent project

2013 (12 weeks)

// role

idea guy

product manager

web developer

// website


// tech

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Parse, Angular (in private development)

// key activities 

concept design

web development

ranking algorithm


extensive user testing

ping-pong domination

// description

What started as a 24-hour hackathon project to begin learning Javascript became ground zero for learning web programming.  Excited by the progress I made in the first 24 hours, I spent nights and weekends learning how to build a proper web application with authenticated sign in, server-side security code, and Analytics tracking using Javascript and the Parse service.


Features include a custom ELO ranking algorithm, estimated win percentages, head-to-head match stats, ratings graph through time, match taunts, Hipchat push notifications, XSS defense ("it's Freddie-proof"), and rate limiting.