Infrared Video Window (Interactive Installation)

// nfo

Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD)

Visual Performance and Installation Technologies
Studio Lewis, SP08 (4 weeks)

// role

one-man production machine

// tech

Max/MSP 5, IR video motion capture, 16mm film

// description

This short interactive installation project is designed to simulate an architectural condition where computer vision signal processing would drive electrochromic glass panels (opacity controlled by electric signals).  As viewers walk in front of the opaque wall, the panels would become transparent, allowing the viewer to see through them.  This condition was simulated by using video feeds instead of electrochromic panels, and leveraged motion sensing to control audio signal levels.  


The final conceptual piece of the puzzle was to introduce a time-delayed recording system that would blend previous participants into the current performance, creating "phantom characters" that dismantle the user's understanding of a 1-to-1 call and response interaction model.