Curating Film + Architecture

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cine16 STL (2004-2005)

Webster Film Series (2004-2005)

Banvard Gallery (2005-2008)

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film, architecture, art + sculpture programming

artist + distributor contracts





public speaking

gallery installations

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Throughout the years I have been the director and curator of a number of non-profit arts organizations.  In all cases, I was responsible for budgeting, curating, contracts, grant writing, marketing, and operations.  


In 2004, I co-founded cine16 STL, the St. Louis branch of the Academic Film Archive of North America and coordinated the donation of over 45,000 films to the archive.  We held monthly showings in an art deco police station turned art gallery.  I was also the director of the Webster University Film Series for a short time and went on to direct the Banvard Gallery for the Knowlton School of Architecture.  


At Banvard, I developed a long-range plan that included an expanded scope of exhibitions and competitions, new funding sources, and increased presence in the cultural community.  I engaged more tangential disciplines including sculpture, interactive media, and photography.  I administered the gallery’s first open installation competition and oversaw the installation of 22 shows in three years, including:

.  Tom Leader Studio: Compost
.  Detours: Tactical Approaches to Urbanization in China
.  Soo Sunny Park: Modified Thoroughfare
.  [Fake] Fake Estates: Reconsidering Gordon Matta-Clark
.  Aranda/Lasch: Tooling
.  Alisa Andrasek: Biothing 
.  James Corner: Field Operations
.  Franco Albini: Museums and Installations
.  Ken Smith: Wallflowers