"This Is Saint Louis" PSAs (16mm Film)

// nfo

eleven (11) 30-second public service announcements (PSAs)

2002 (12 weeks)

// role

one-man production machine

co-producer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, composer

// tech

16mm film, transferred to BetaSP video, edited on Avid Media Composer

// awards 

Riverfront Times Best Television PSAs of 2002

St. Louis Addy Certificate

// exhibitions

Network and cable television, St. Louis International Film Festival ‘02, St. Louis First Night ‘04

// description

Frustrated by the generic marketing message that the St. Louis business commission was perpetuating about my city, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a different kind of message.  A message about the real st. louis -- the hipster dive bars, the underground art scene, the natural beauty, and life "north of Delmar", considered the racial divide of the city.  


I teamed up with man-about-town Steven Fitzpatrick Smith and we crafted a proposal for funding through a grass-roots organization called Metropolis.


Steve did marketing and I did pretty much everything else -- location scouting, filming, editing, music scouting, scoring, composing, editing, titles, etc.