// nfo

Seattle, WA

2011 (12 weeks)

// role

idea guy

product manager

// tech

Brain, Google Docs, Photoshop

// key activities 

concept design

product management

UI/UX prototypes

spec writing

pitch decks

team building

// description

Inqlist was my first foray into the tech world.  I was looking for a project to bring to a Hackathon and spent some time trying to find a resource for discovering unsolved problems.  I couldn't find anything satisfying, and I seized on that as an opportunity to develop Inqlist.


Inqlist is a web community for identifying the world’s unsolved problems and existing solutions. Users contribute in the form of an “Inqling”, or a problem statement: “My coffee is always too hot at first and too cold at the end.” Users rate Inqlings and on a two-dimensional scale in a rapid-fire “Hot or Not” environment. Inqling search incorporates demographic data to identify what unsolved problems matter to different market segments, which becomes valuable to both users and potential enterprise clients.

// status

hackathon demo complete, alpha demo complete, put on hold for other opportunities