// nfo

San Francisco, CA


// role

application engineer

product manager

// tech

brain, pencil, paper, markers, whiteboards, Google Docs, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Python, Rhino, Grasshopper, Balsamiq, Sketch, Photoshop

// key activities 

client relations

algorithm prototyping

engineering relations

app scoping

T&E estimation

concept design

product design

market research

UI/UX prototyping

spec writing

// description

Flux Factory is a well-funded startup in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction space, the first project to spin out of Google X as an independent venture.


As an architect with technical skills, I was a generalist at Flux, contributing in a variety of settings.  I built architectural prototypes that were used to guide engineering, capture clients, and drive product goals.  My extensive knowledge of industry-standard visual programming platforms helped guide early iterations of the company's platform. Additionally, I managed external contractors to build branded product for release in the open source community, I built a network of trusted user testers, and led early design iterations on the company's flagship product.   


As part of my design computation work at Flux, I created a concept design for a mechanically-actuated umbrella facade, which I presented to Bjarke Ingels Group architects, who would eventually work on the new Googleplex. The system I presented used a parametric algorithm to automate the open and closing of umbrellas to maintain a precise shading target over the course of the day, and also included an open API that would allow Google software engineers to hack the system and turn the entire building into a media facade, complete with LED backlighting for night effects.